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Our campaigns with Faved have been a fantastic experience. The team's professionalism, creativity, and dedication have made the collaborations smooth and highly successful. We look forward to many more opportunities to work together!

Faved is my favorite team to work with for creator collaborations! Their team's commitment and expertise always ensure that each campaign runs seamlessly. With their friendly, approachable nature, I always know that the process will be both easy and enjoyable. Always look forward to collaborating with Faved!

Having worked with other brands in the past, I can honestly say that working with Faved has been some of the easiest, smoothest collaborations I've had. Communication was timely, project clarifications were always clear and concise, and just overall, truly a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to many more projects together with this team of professionals!

Working with Faved is always a seamless experience thanks to their highly attentive team. I recommend Faved to any brands looking to elevate their influencer marketing efforts as our experience from the creator side has been a pleasure.

Faved was great at making sure we had all of the tools necessary to make a high quality segment and being on the same page allowed for fast approvals, which made the process as a whole feel seamless.

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Faved on our Opera campaign. Their team was extremely professional, always timely, and consistently went above and beyond to ensure the project’s success. We are looking forward to future opportunities to work together.

Working with Faved has consistently been a pleasure. Their professionalism and efficiency stand out, ensuring each project runs smoothly. I look forward to our continued partnership.

My name is Maya & I am a YouTuber/Content Creator that loves making content about my lifestyle/beauty/fashion & soo much more. I’ve partnered up with Faved on 2 of my dream collaborations. FashionNova & Bloom, they made it soo easy for me to go through with these sponsorships because of their great communication. They also made sure that the brands they partnered me up with matched my niche for my content which I loved!

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